RDS PI Code Calculator (for USA)
This page converts US FM stations' PI codes to their corresponding callsigns. This page appeared on the www.w9wi.com
website until it was taken down on 2021. This page was created by Doug Smith w9wi.

updated with new exception codes 6/10/2006

RDS Callsign Identifier (for USA)

This identifier does not work for non-U.S. stations!

PI code:

Some Canadian stations now work. In some cases, Canadian stations are using the same codes as assigned to U.S. stations.
Often, the "C" is replaced by a "W". (so if you see a PI code that resolves to "WING" on 107.9 while the real WING is
on 102.9, you're probably actually tuned to CING.
Click here for a "reverse calculator", to get a PI code given call letters.
There is no error checking in this JavaScript. Enter a nonsense PI and you
may get a callsign anyway.

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